Namaste and welcome!

Hey girl, my name is Esperanza, and I am so excited to meet you!


I work with motivated and resilient spirits, just like yours, that want to drop the drama that comes along with past (and or current) trauma from the “ Mother wound”. Or what I like to call Mama Trauma…all by creating healthy boundaries.

Do you have unhealthy attachments, and patterns of “bad” relationships? Trouble saying no to people- because you are afraid of what they may say or think? Are you constantly prioritizing the needs of others in front of your own? Do you wish you had more confidence, a purpose, and could “fill the void” that leaves you feeling unworthy, unlovable, and never enough? 

Oh honey, you are not alone! I have been where you are.  Through my own healing and years of education and practice, I created tips and tricks to change a mindset of “unworthiness” to a mindset of “more than enough”. Everything is about you embracing the Goddess waiting to shine and nurturing your hurt inner child- so that you can kick Mama Trauma in the ass- to rise up stronger and shine brighter!

I am here to guide, encourage, and support you to make you realize your dreams can be a reality! You can live a life of abundance, confidence, love, and happiness!

The healing begins where you began, and continues when you create healthy boundaries.

Looking for real healing? Want to build a better future through healthy boundaries?

Start becoming a Badass Modern Goddess TODAY!

If you found my website or follow me on social media,  I assume that you have experienced mama trauma, either with a “little t” or “capital t”. Whether or not it was intentional, there are different “subtypes” to mama trauma. Some women are scarred in one area, some in three, some in all. The subtypes of mama trauma are:






According to attachment theorists, we come into the world as creatures not only ready-but NEEDING to connect with other human beings, in order to strive and thrive. The first person that we attach and learn from is our mother. So if there is a disconnect or no relationship with the person that is supposed to give us, not only our basic needs, but emotional needs as well…it can leave lasting effects. 

I am here to not only educate on what Mama Trauma is and how it is continuing to inhibit your life choices and adult relationships, but to help you move forward and create boundaries to create a life of freedom and liberation from aftermath of it, holding you down. 

Professional Bio

In 2018 I graduated grad school from the University of Northern Colorado with a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health. As an intern, I worked as a therapist conducting group and individual therapy for victims of sexual exploitaion and sex trafficking. I also have experience doing crisis intervention therapy, as well as case management for families and individuals from my time as an intern and volunteer at a day shelter. 

In 2020, I spent a month volunteering my time at a spiritual wellness and alternative-rehabilitation center in Mexico. Here I learned spiritual practices and the medicinal and psychological benefits from plant medicine from experienced shamans. 

The end of 2021, after receiving trauma-informed treatment for my PTSD- I decided it was time to pass along the knowledge, gained personally and professionally, to help other women become modern day Goddesses with a new perspective on life and the inner-child within.